The Process of Moving: What Do I Have

Hello everyone!

This is the second post in a series of posts on moving out. Wanna read the first? Click here: The Process of Moving, Part One.

Anyway, you know how when you’re living day to day, you think you know everything that’s in your closet down to that last shoe? Well, you’re wrong. Cause somehow you’ve

'You don't know what you've got...until you move.'

‘You don’t know what you’ve got…until you move.’

forgotten about that prom dress or your old Mickey Mouse hoody from 2009 or a random left shoe (lost the right one at church camp 5 years ago).

As I’m going through all my stuff, I can’t help but think that I don’t have a lot. Then again, I also feel like I have too much. Maybe it’s just clothes. I mean I know I’m okay on socks and dresses, but I’ve had a job with a uniform for the past three years. All I’ve bought are dresses and shirts that were on sale for $3-$7. I haven’t bought pants!

How do people buy pants? What do I do? Walk into the pants store and say “Look I want something that looks nice but feels like my legs are wrapped in cocoons of panda fur. Not real panda fur though cause no panda should have to die for my :comfort.”

nnnk.jpgClothes are just something I haven’t really prioritized… ever. I mean I’ve spent more money on yarn, books, and fabric than I have on clothes. I guess that’s a good thing cause I don’t have a lot of closet space where I’m going, but it’s also a bad thing because whatever job I get might not have a uniform. I can’t wear the same ratty t-shirt everyday. So here we go. Evaluating what we have in three steps.

Step One: Laundrytumblr_m212ce3Gov1qjgw3wo1_500

I’ve been washing clothes like crazy. Sorting through socks has become negotiations over socks cause my sister and I share. I didn’t even know how many pairs of underwear I had that looked the same until this past week, and I haven’t even gotten started on what’s under my bed. When I get to Illinois, I want to most, if not all, of my clothes to be clean, so I can start fresh.

Step Two: Purge, Keep, or Reuse

As I’m going through all this, I’m picking out what I can still fit in and what I just need to give up on. Anything I don’t want, I’m giving to my sister, and if she doesn’t want it, my best friend said she’d take a look. After that, it’s off to Goodwill. Keeping it is going to depend on how it looks, how it looks on me, and how long I’ve had it. (I finally got rid of these pants I’ve had for eight years. I stopped fitting in them five years ago. No more of that hoping I’ll fit in my high school jeans.)

Reusing is actually something new that I’m doing with some clothes. I have a ton of shirts that are worn down, but I have an emotional attachment to them. What I’m going to do when I get up there is cut them up, taking only the major logos and maybe a little bit of color, and sew them into a memory quilt.

Step Three: Pack as You Goselfpackingluggage

I’m in my last week here, so I’m packing everything except for what I’m wearing this week and my bedding. By the time I leave next week, everything should be clean and in bags. Books are being stacked in my car as I type. (Thank you, Family.) Getting in the car to leave next week should just involve me throwing a duffel bag in the floor of the back seat.

Thank you for reading!

Jenna Edwards

Disclaimer: I do not own the pictures.


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